Bounce tube

Bounce tube floating pump

Bounce tube 2022 / Sports equipment design The genesis of the Bounce Tube was fueled by a dual commitment to innovation and a profound understanding of the pivotal role equipment quality plays in sports. Recognizing the recurring query that opens every game – “Do you have good balls?” – we embarked on a mission to […]

Olivia Garden Circular Brush

Olivia Garden Preview Logo

Olivia Garden Circular Brush 2023 / Circular Sustainable design Olivia Garden, originating from a small family business in Belgium in the 1960s, has evolved into a global market leader, catering to the needs of professional hairdressers worldwide. Renowned for supplying top-quality brushes and scissors, Olivia Garden’s products are not only a staple in salons globally […]

Ogongo eBike

Ogongo Bike Thumbnail

Ogongo Bird 01 electric bike 2022 / Sustainable mobility design The genesis of the Ogongo Bird 01 project traces back to a vision of redefining urban commuting through a sustainable and reinvented biking experience. The concept emerged from a desire to transform the conventional electric bike frame into a modern, agile, and aesthetically pleasing solution […]

Prediploma Sneaker

Prediploma sneaker

Prediploma sneaker 2018 / Footwear design Shoes of all kinds have been around for centuries. Even though the way we walk has not really changed, the design of our shoes did considerably. In this era of change, of environmental and social consciousness where technology has become a great ally. I believe that the industry has […]

Pico Stool

Pico Stool Lifted from Ground

Pico Stool Side stool designed by Julian Gamper / Solid iroko wood The Pico Stool, crafted from solid iroko wood with hand-shaped joinery and inspired by brutalism and Japanese craft, stands as a collectible piece of furniture. Entirely screw-free, its durable construction ensures longevity, making it suitable for years, if not generations. This versatile stool […]

Prada X Adidas derby shoes concept

Prada Adidas dress shoe thumbnail

Prada X Adidas derby shoes concept (this project was in no way affiliated with Adidas nor Prada) 2021 / Footwear design In 2020, sports good brand Adidas and luxury fashion house Prada have collaborated on a special project; combining the Italian quality and finesse to an iconic sport lifestyle sneaker. Reflecting on this, I developed […]

Alternative shoe box

Alternative shoe box thumbnail

Alternative shoe box 2020 / Packaging design The shoe industry has taken a big turn in the past years. With increasing environmental consciousness, more and more brands aim to produce more sustainable products. However, many aspects are still overlooked. In fact, to sell sustainable shoes, one must rethink the entire process; from sourcing until delivery… including […]

Kintsugi chairs

Kintsugi Chairs Thumbnail

Kintsugi chairs 2017 / Furniture design Kintsugi also known as Kintsukuroi is the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken objects. The beauty of this craft is that it treats breakage and repair as an integral part of the history of the object, while adding value. Based on this philosophy, this project consists in bringing back […]

Ava runner

Avada Runner Thumbnail

Ava runner 2017 / Footwear design The Ava Runner is an athletic sneaker with a running sneaker silhouette. Tailored for everyday use. With its upper fully made out of premium suede it gives an elegant but yet also casual look to your outfit. The aim was to create a sneaker that combines performance with elegance. […]

Élodie coat

Elodie Coat Thumbnail Élodie coat 2019 / Fashion design Functionality and elegance are two words that are not very often used together to discover a product, especially in the fashion world. With this exact intention to merge both dimensions, the Élodie Coat project came to life. What makes this coat special is the way its integrated leather […]