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Bounce tube

2022 / Sports equipment design

The genesis of the Bounce Tube was fueled by a dual commitment to innovation and a profound understanding of the pivotal role equipment quality plays in sports. Recognizing the recurring query that opens every game – “Do you have good balls?” – we embarked on a mission to redefine the standard for ball pressurization and diminish the carbon footprint of the second most polluting sports in the world by making it more sustainable. Our intention was clear: empower players to respond affirmatively with the assurance that their game would consistently benefit from superior ball quality.

In the design phase, meticulous attention was paid to every detail. The emphasis was not just on functionality but on creating an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly device. The goal was to seamlessly integrate performance with a visually appealing for an easy-to-use product. We recognized that the term “pressurizer” could resonate with elegance, and we endeavored to imbue the Bounce Tube with precisely that quality.

Effectiveness and sustainability became our guiding principle throughout development. The Bounce Tube is the culmination of cutting-edge engineering, ensuring that it stands as the epitome of pressurizer excellence. Its design seamlessly marries beauty with functionality, making it not only a tool but a statement in the world of sports equipment.

Safety was paramount in our considerations. The incorporation of a secure lid was a deliberate choice, eliminating any potential risk of injury and eradicating the possibility of a champagne cork effect. This focus on safety ensures that the Bounce Tube not only enhances performance but also provides a secure, sustainable and worry-free experience for every user.

Client: Bounce Sports

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