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Our expertise combines strategy, design and production to deliver products of tomorrow.

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Tailored expertise to support your project at every stage. Our services are divided into 6 key areas.

At the heart of our mission lies the art of transforming visionary ideas into products and experiences. We understand the changing world and its needs. By paying attention to what people want and what our planet needs, we find opportunities to make a difference. Our experience combines skills in design, strategy, manufacturing processes, and communication to create meaningful brands, products, spaces, and experiences. This helps our partners build something meaningful while also being good for the environment.

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Together, we define the direction of your project. We interview your team to grasp your vision and conduct thorough qualitative research to build a cohesive strategy, positioning, and commercial appeal.


Drawing from your origins and ambitions, we meticulously shape fresh identities and reimagine enduring brands. By concurrently developing strategy, identity, and product, we forge cohesive and distinctive brands that resonate amidst saturated markets.

Industrial design

We specialize in designing, innovating, and building robust concepts that seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with functional excellence, resulting in market-ready products for tomorrow. With expertise in research, sketching, CAD, user testing and rapid prototyping, and a proven track of successful fundraising campaigns we bring ideas to life.

Eco design

We develop products, processes, and systems that minimize environmental impact across their entire lifecycle. This entails evaluating material choices, enhancing energy efficiency, minimizing waste generation, and prioritizing recyclability. The overarching objective is to advance sustainability practices and diminish ecological footprints.


With a deep understanding of industrial processes and a reliable network of manufacturing partners, we have the capacity to manage the design for manufacturing (DFM) process and identifying production facilities for projects of any scale. By combining logic and creativity, we develop precise technical drawings and CAD models that streamline manufacturing processes.


We specialize in storytelling and are dedicated to crafting compelling narratives. Our specialty lies in creating unparalleled launch strategies and producing captivating content that truly aligns with your product and vision. Our goal is to inspire your audience and maximize your exposure.

Unveiling a distinctive design journey.

Turning your ideas into reality with seamless precision, guided by a thoughtfully elaborated creative process.

Along the years I have built a work process best suited to respond to specific clients’ demand regardless of the industry.

The design process starts long before drawing the first sketch and does not end once the result is sent to production. My primary goal is to get to know you and your universe, in order to build a lasting partnership and together design a story that is truly you.

My work process is build upon 5 milestones. These shape the path from an idea through final delivery:


Each project begins with an idea. The initial step in our design process is to align our visions, ensuring that we are on the same page. This collaboration is pivotal in shaping the universe you and your project aspire to evolve within.


At the heart of every product is a robust and unified concept—a carefully crafted strategy and narrative that expresses the essence of your aspirations. We tailor a set of guidelines, seamlessly blending form and function to match your distinctive needs. From mood boards, sketches, and prototypes to embedded user experiences and conceptual 3D visualizations for effective communication, our meticulous process extends to physical mockups. This comprehensive journey results in the formation of a unique design language and universe for your project.


Once the direction is clear, a meticulous concept development process unfolds, scrutinizing every detail of the project’s form, function, and experience. Each element is refined until it aligns seamlessly with the concept story we’ve crafted, ensuring the end result embodies the narrative we’ve woven throughout the journey.


After presenting visual concepts, we meticulously prepare technical documentation with essential 2D illustrations and 3D files for production. We recommend a suitable manufacturer, offering continuous guidance to ensure the right methods, prevent information loss, and maintain quality. Stringent quality assurance measures are in place, guaranteeing the final product aligns with the design vision. Upon completion, the products are delivered, marking the successful design-to-production journey. Collaborative partnership between the design team and the manufacturer is key to addressing challenges and delivering a high-quality end product.


In the course of a product launch, emphasizing the caliber of your ideas is paramount to instill trust and foster loyalty in your project. Crafting high-quality cross-media communication strategies, backed by compelling photography and video content, is indispensable for garnering the audience recognition and support that your project merits.

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