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Prediploma sneaker

2018 / Footwear design

Shoes of all kinds have been around for centuries. Even though the way we walk has not really changed, the design of our shoes did considerably. In this era of change, of environmental and social consciousness where technology has become a great ally.

I believe that the industry has reached a very important turning point. Where both human and environmental values matter more than ever.

Modern technologies, such as 3D printing, but also more sustainable material gain more importance which is amazing. I think that the future lies in between these two; using technology to produce more responsibly, more locally, with respect to men and nature and using materials can either grow back or using the tremendous amount precious material that is being landfilled instate of producing new ones.

Derived from nature and it various captivating patterns, this design takes was inspired by the famous honey comb. This artificial honeycomb structure composing the sole of the Prediploma Sneaker was constructed in a way to respond to weight, movement and other stimuli in the best performing way. In addition to this, the sock-looking mesh upper was made removable. This allows the user to customise the design freely and it also facilitated recycling and repair as all components can be separate within seconds.

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