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Ogongo Bird 01 electric bike

2022 / Sustainable mobility design

The genesis of the Ogongo Bird 01 project traces back to a vision of redefining urban commuting through a sustainable and reinvented biking experience. The concept emerged from a desire to transform the conventional electric bike frame into a modern, agile, and aesthetically pleasing solution for urban travel.

Inspired by the resilience and speed of the ostrich, the initial idea took form, driven by a commitment to change the way we navigate cityscapes. The concept evolved beyond a mere mode of transportation; it aimed to embody a token of modern, proud, and sustainable lifestyle. The central concept found expression in the innovative design of the bike’s battery—a symbolic egg, representing life, power, and a commitment to green mobility. This reimagination of the traditional bike battery not only symbolized a departure from the ordinary but also signified a step towards a more sustainable and contemporary approach to commuting.

As the project unfolded, the focus shifted from merely designing a bike to conceptualizing an entirely new commuting experience. The integration of a seamlessly integrated rear-wheel motor with a belt drive became a crucial element, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride through urban landscapes. The design team meticulously addressed concerns about messy chains, offering a cleaner and hassle-free solution. Throughout the design and development phases, the Ogongo Bird 01 project remained dedicated to fostering a sense of pride in sustainable travel. It was not merely a product but a statement—a statement about embracing a new lifestyle that values agility, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness.

Client: Ogongo

Art direction
Product Design
Industrial Design
Design for Manufacture (DFM)
Packaging Design

The primary source of inspiration for this bike was the ostrich – a robust, swift, and indomitable creature. As the project unfolded, a symbolic thread emerged, culminating in the heart of the bike, the battery, taking on the form of an egg, symbolizing life and power. In the course of our collaboration with Ogongo, the challenge was not to reinvent the bicycle but to envision a new way of engaging with the electric source that propels today’s e-bikes. The “egg,” as we affectionately term it, has evolved into a symbol of green, healthy, and contemporary mobility.⁣

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