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Olivia Garden Circular Brush

2023 / Circular Sustainable design

Olivia Garden, originating from a small family business in Belgium in the 1960s, has evolved into a global market leader, catering to the needs of professional hairdressers worldwide. Renowned for supplying top-quality brushes and scissors, Olivia Garden’s products are not only a staple in salons globally but are also trusted backstage at major shows and events by celebrity stylists.

In line with evolving consumer preferences and a commitment to sustainability, the mission was to take a significant step towards creating a more eco-friendly product. The objective was to meet the growing demand for conscious and sustainable choices without compromising on the high standards of quality of both hairdressers and consumers. The project aims to guide and conceptualize a new, sustainable product that aligns seamlessly with the principles of a circular economy. This endeavor marks Olivia Garden’s dedication to innovation, environmental responsibility, and maintaining excellence in the professional hairdressing industry.

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