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Fastback Floating Front view

Fastback V8-44

2017 / Accessory design

The Fastback V8-44 Chronographe and Fastback v8-44 Reserve de Mache were inspired by the world of sports cars, the Fastback collection embodies the design and timeless style of GT cars. These powerful cars were originally built for speed and throughout time became true icons of design and thrill. At a time where people were seeking change and style, GT cars were the answer.

Today, the same values were applied to this collection. These chromed watches shine with the same thrill and excitement. We wanted people to feel the same power and liberty empowered by a chic and laid-back lifestyle with a twist of French design.

The vision, the design, the originality, the conception, all have been thoughtfully considered in order to conceive a reliable technical product fitted with a strong DNA.

Client: Hervet Watches

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